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St. Mathews Academy has a very active Choir. The Choir sings every morning at assembly and at our school events like Prize Day and the Installation of Prefects Ceremony. Our Choir is accompanied by students that play instruments. We have multiple violinists, guitarists and pianists.


We have a very active athletics department at St. Mathews Academy. We regularly host inter-house athletics in football, basketball, table-tennis and volleyball. We make sure that each child gets an opportunity to participate and excel at their sport. We occasionally have school teams that participate in inter-school athletic events from time-to-time.


Students are divided into four houses- Mathew (Blue), Mark (Red), Luke (Green) and John (Yellow). Every year, house captains organize socials for their house members. These socials take place at our Salunke Vihar campus. House members spend the evening playing games, getting to know one another better and dancing. Attendees have to wear their house colors for their social!


To commemorate Makar Sankranti, a house-wise Kite Flying competition is held. Students take the field by storm to fly their kites. Students are supposed to bring kites of their house colors.


Inter-house quizzes take place often at school. Students are tested on their general knowledge, current affairs knowledge as well as other subjects like literature, science and technology.


Study-Camp is also a tradition at St. Mathews Academy. Tenth and twelfth grade students spend a week living at our Salunke Vihar campus with Nanima and other teachers. This is done during the second term of school to teach students good study-habits that they can use during their study-leave before their board exams. Study-Camp also helps us complete our board-exam syllabus ahead of time and give us more review time to better prepare students.


Every day after recess students spend ten minutes in meditation before returning to their classrooms for their second half periods. This helps calm students and give them a frame of mind conducive for learning.


Every year we conduct health checkups for students to make sure they are healthy. We have pediatricians, dentists, and eye-specialists from Lawrence and Mayo come visit our campuses and conduct health checkups for all our students. Parents are then informed whether their child requires any additional medical attention post the checkup.


Students participate in our cooking competition in a battle of creativity and aesthetic. Each year students surpass our expectations and manage to put a new surprise on their plates. A recent activity at the school, it has gained much popularity amongst students and teachers alike.


Students at our Urli Devachi campus often go for Nature Walks around the village to get to understand their surroundings better. As most students travel from the city for school, seeing open fields and animals on farms is a whole new world for them. Teachers also use this opportunity to teach students biology, horticulture, agricultural science and zoology.

Trinity College Exams - Communication Skills

Twice a year, students from St Mathews appear for the Trinity college London communication skills exams conducted by Trinity college London. Preparation involved in appearing for these exams enable the students to hone their listening skills, persuasive skills and presentation skills.

The courses are taught by Ms. Sheena Pereira and the examination is conducted at the Trinity Centre in Pune. The examiner is appointed by Trinity College London who comes from overseas to conduct the examinations.

An edge in communication and presentation skills is what gives the students of St Mathews Academy an advantage over other students and holds them in good stead once they start their careers. The students wishing to pursue a higher education in the UK are able to earn extra credit towards the same.

Yoga, Karate, Music and Physical Education

Overall wellness includes physical as well as emotional and spiritual growth and all of these are reflected in the curriculum followed by the children. Physical fitness is an important facet of a child's overall growth as an individual. We have included dedicated sessions for yoga, karate, music and physical education. Dedicated sessions are held multiple times a week to ensure that each child has an opportunity to hone their talent and have a balanced all round development.


Students are encouraged to participate in Olympiad Exams which are conducted periodically by the Science Olympiad Foundation (a non-profit organization based in New Delhi, India). This is done to promote a deeper understanding of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) It is also conducted for general knowledge, introductory computer education and English language .These examinations are intended to better the scientific temperament among school children. The preparation involved in appearing for these competitive exams motivates students to endeavor for better and deeper understanding of scientific facts as also to enhance their reasoning, analytical and problem solving skills.

Competing in Olympiads also gives the students a sense of healthy completion on a nationally set stage. Several of our students have acquired excellent state and national level rankings and have made St Mathews Academy proud.

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