At St. Mathews Academy, we want students exposed to nature and life as much as they are to learning.


Alex Mathews, our very own mascot, is the most iconic and energetic personality present at our Urli Devachi campus. A huge Great Dane, he perfectly fits the description of a “Gentle Giant”. Alex is often found being petted by groups of students during their break-time or running around with students on the field during their games period. He loves the attention he gets but loves the students even more!



Snowy Mathews is another celebrity at our Urli Devachi campus. She loves being feed leaves and grass by our students. Our Primary section students have taken a special liking to her. Snowy had a son on our school campus. Students were thrilled to see a baby goat join our family!



Our Urli Devachi campus is home to many animals like turkeys, ducks, rabbits and turtles. Students are taught to respect animals and they learn a lot about these animals’ anatomies and food preferences by observing them. Along with these pets, our school is frequently visited by squirrels, butterflies, sparrows and other birds from the vicinity. Many of them build nests on our campus. Students often run to tell their teachers about the baby birds that hatch from these nests.



Bobby Mathews is our Moscowin Duck who lives at our Salunke Vihar campus. He is often found staring at his own reflection in our campus’s compound. Our kindergarten students love interacting with him and often say that he wags his tail feathers when he’s happy!



Kiki Mathews is our pet parrot at our Salunke Vihar campus. One can often hear the Kindergarten students practicing their vocabulary in front of Kiki, trying to learn their words and secretly hoping that Kiki picks up a few words from them too!



Our Salunke Vihar campus is home to an array of birds from pigeons to parakeets to bulbuls. Every morning one can hear them chirping, making it seem like each one of them has something to say! Our kindergarteners enjoy playing with these animals and birds, learning from them.