The name Urli Devachi roughly translates to “Urli, the place of God”, a well-suited name for the serene locality that is home to our three-acre campus. Our Urli Devachi campus houses our first till twelfth grades. Located on the outskirts of the blissful Urli Devachi village, our school overlooks the majestic Sahyadri mountains. Our campus is well-equipped with the best possible facilities including multiple science laboratories, a well-stocked library, computer lab, infirmary, football field, basketball court, handball and volleyball court. Each class has two divisions until the eighth grade. About eight kilometers from the city center, it provides the perfect environment conducive for learning. Untouched by the pollution of the city, Urli Devachi’s sprawling fields are a breath of fresh air for students travelling from the city. The silence of the village calms the senses of students and prepares them for a full-day of learning. Students arrive at 7:15am and depart at 1:40pm.


Our Salunke Vihar campus is home to our Kindergarten section. Students from playgroup to preparatory traverse to our Salunke Vihar campus from 9am to 12:30pm. Our Salunke Vihar students graduate Kindergarten to join their peers at our Urli Devachi campus. This campus is also home to our administrative department. Many events such as Parent-Teacher Conferences, House Socials, Extra-Class, Flag Hoisting, etc. are celebrated at our Salunke Vihar campus due to its central location and convenience factor.